Welcome in Burngundy lands !

Whatever you want to do: if you want to visit Dijon, 3rd fine art city of France, or to go all over the "route des grands crus", to try to understand what Cluny was, discover Tournus or go up to Magdalena Church in Vezelay, you just have to tell me what you want to discover and I'll take you there.

Burgundy offers so many treasures for those who knows where to look for. Burgundy house an heritage which is not only limited to visible remains from past centuries. Burgundy offers a living heritage combining history and gastronomy, wine buildings and prestigious terroirs (climats).
Burgundy is friendliness and sharing land; where epicurean live with scientists, painters or writers which were born in Burgundy in the past centuries.

If you come just for two hours, half a day, a full day or more, for a commented wine discovery of our wines and producers...

Even if you're alone, in couple, with friends or in group... Whatever you want to do or see, we will plan the exact program you want.

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